Thursday, February 27, 2020

Getting Back to Basics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Getting Back to Basics - Essay Example Proper attention to the personnel function helps improve the efficiency of the labor force and the level of organizational performance. For instance, when planning a change (quality improvements) the manager should consider the type of resources necessary for each activity, equipment or skill groups. The tasks of the managers are to select resources and systems used in quality control. Also, the manager may consider not just the skill types necessary but particular individuals (Cope, 2000). All systems (machines, procedures, processes, equipment, communications) depend upon managerial decisions. For instance, if quality management has some constraints, the activities need to be assessed so that additional resources can be used on the project to reduce poor quality. It is important not to overestimate their efficiency. A manager may not have time to check everything others do, so there is an element of risk here. Further prerequisites are the ability to hold the objectives clearly in mind regardless of the setbacks that the quality management may encounter and, above all, a consistent optimism about the outcome of the project and the team's ability to succeed. The case of Canbide illustrates that quality management cannot be effectively implemented without good managers and their control.

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