Monday, February 10, 2020

Burning Man Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Burning Man - Research Paper Example Essentially, there is a conclusion that the festival is one that celebrates the creativity that one individual had toward the manipulation of the ideas of others. As such, this work will explain the correlation between the concepts of the age of propaganda and the concepts of burning man festival (Kozinets 12). The correlation could further be an explanation to the hypothesized concept that we perhaps all humans could be subject to manipulation of the ideologies of a narrow segment of persons, which is their propaganda. The work is, therefore, an insight to the idea that some of the most popular hypes in life develop into life-changing experiences, yet they have little relevance. The work is a development of the idea that the creators of the Burning man ceremony sought to be relevant enough to their followers by sympathizing with their moods. The founders of the movement thought of the idea that if they spent time in isolation, they would be happy. If the founders were happy, the followers would also be happy, which means that spending time in isolation meant that the followers and the founders were equally happy. The founders of the movement thought that they should make their followers feel cared for in the process of the festival. The founders believed that their happiness would only come with their satisfaction of the happiness of others. The work will also support the ideas we could all be victims of manipulation of the ideologies of one or a group of individuals, which is their propaganda. Alternately, some would say that the differentiation of ethos is what makes burning man an extreme creative, chaotic anarchy, inspirational enlightenment and civic s ustainability. One might wonder how ideas so small spread to the level that they become household facts and even form a part of the culture of their believers. Well, such a concept has its

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